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The Ivy Cottage


Fisher Street, Doolin

The Ivy Cottage offers Quality Fresh Fish of the day, with homemade chips. Bakery selection and lunch and dinner specials . Burgers and local ingredients. Restaurant & Cafe with Garden Seating.

Our Services

Our Services

Restaurant & Cafe

Introducing our new Seafood Menu with Daily and Evening Specials .

We still offer our Quality Fresh Fish of The Day with our own House Cut Chips.
We also have vegetarian and vegan options.

Open 7 Days

Monday to Sunday 12:30 - 16:00       Lunch
Monday & Sunday  17:00 - 20:30      Dinner
Saturday & Sunday  8:30 - 11:00       Breakfast

Garden Seating with Cover available.

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The Food

The Ode to Ivy Cottage

Ode to The Ivy Cottage

There is an oasis of tranquillity

In Doolin, County Clare

Where, sitting in the garden

I can smell the Atlantic air.

Far from California

The bustle and the din

This is one of the nicest places

I have ever been.

I speak of “The Ivy Cottage”

A restaurant by the sea

My entire world at this moment

Is as peaceful as it can be.

The food is simply sublime

The staff, pleasant and kind

There’s something very healing here

That soothes my listless mind.

Should I leave? – I’m not sure

Will this moment fade away?

Then, a robin comes to join me

He’s telling me to stay –

And so I order coffee

As the evening light draws near

One thing is for certain

I’ll come back again next year.

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The Venue

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Recent Review

Although The Ivy Cottage is currently operating as take away only, the seafood options here are still delicious. As we arrived on a rainy Friday afternoon, I needed my fishy fix, and so I ordered the Scampi & Chips. Succulent, perfectly battered scampi with thick chipper-style chips and plenty of vinegar for us to douse on! The Ivy Cottage does offer outdoor seating at which you can enjoy your meal.
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The Ivy Cottage

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Fisher Street, Doolin